Amatanga Clubs

Youth in foreground holding red paddle upright and smiling

Amatanga Clubs make up a wellbeing programme which understands that tamariki have a divine spark from their tupuna that must be nurtured. Aimed at tamariki aged 7 to 17 years old, this programme was designed to allow tamariki to feel connected to te Taiao and ngā hapori, instilling a sense of belonging. The intent is to provide tamariki with age appropriate, fun after-school activities which equip them with tools, strategies and knowledge to keep them centred, content and engaged. Amatanga engages tamariki in experiences and opportunities that they may not otherwise have had allowing tamariki to expand their minds, learn and create lasting positive memories. With these skills and opportunities, we believe tamariki can enjoy success across their lives including education.

We aim to eventually expand Amatanga Clubs and provide regular after-school programmes (3pm-6pm, Monday to Friday) compiling of interactive and collaborative games and activities providing tamariki with a safe environment to explore who they are and try new things. A regular programme will run 6 times a year, free of charge, introducing new adventures, connections and challenges (check out this video of our Ski Camp). Our ultimate aim is that tamariki can tap into the power of the place and feel inspired to think for themselves, potentially changing the horizon tamariki see laid before them simply by having fun.


“Ko te piko o te māhuri, koia te tipi o te rākau” - Nurturing the tree will determine the way it grows.

Key points

An after school program for school aged tamariki
Allows tamariki to have fun in safe environments