Matatini Matea | High and Complex Needs

Woman laughing while serving herself food at a bench with a smiling child next to her

High and Complex Needs (HCN) is a programme tailored to the specific needs of rangatahi. This is a collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Oranga Tamariki, schools and other community organisations with the aim of helping rangatahi and their whānau address trauma and underlying behavioural, emotional and health issues to ensure they can thrive in any environment. The programme ensures rangatahi are sustainably reconnected to education contexts by providing wrap-around support for them and their whānau. An important aspect of HCN is ensuring schools are also well supported so that the transition is positive and sustainable. Due to the high complexity and diversity of needs, this programme is detailed and includes a high level of facilitation to ensure its success.


”Ahakoa whati te mānga, e takoto ana anō te kōhiwi” - The branch might be broken but the trunk remains the same. Hardships won’t undermine the individual if the foundations are strong.

Key points

This programme is completed on a referral basis
It is well facilitated to ensure the success of our rangatahi