Ka mau ake tonu e

Ko te whirika o te taura takata Ahakoa uaina e te ua Whitikina e te rā
Te taukaea o te aroha

Ka mau ake tonu e

Ka eke mai (ka eke mai)
He manene (he manene)
I te reo rāhiri (I te reo rāhiri) O te hui e (o te hui e)

Ka tata mai (ka tata mai)
Ka piri e (ka piri e)
Ka tino te here o te whānau e

Bound together for eternity

The braid of humanity
Although it may be weathered by rain Laid bare to the elements
The interwoven connections of love Will hold forevermore

You arrive
As a stranger
At the beckoning call Of out assembly

We get to know each other We become fast friends
Our bond as family is secured