Poipoia te mokopuna

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Poipoia te Mokopuna is an interactive journey that empowers whānau by building their understanding of their role as the first teacher of their pēpi. Through this programme, whānau learn to grow together, strengthening bonds within the whānau and the wider community for the benefit of the pēpi. Poipoia is based on nurturing the child. Our tūpuna believe that for our pēpi to reach their full potential, whānau must treasure pēpi as precious taonga which requires the support of a warm and loving whānau. Incorporating the early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki and Ka Hikitia Accelerating Success, Poipoia te Mokopuna is for whānau who have dreams and aspirations for their pēpi. Te Hou Ora will support whānau to enrich their understanding of the early experiences of ngā pēpi, early learning and exploration of Te Ao for the benefit of the whole whānau.


“Tū mai e moko. Te whakaata o ō mātua. Te moko o ō tīpuna.” - Stand strong, O moko. The reflection of your parents. The blueprint of your ancestors.

Key points

For parents or caregivers of pēpi 0-3 years of age
Learning how to be the first teacher of their pēpi

Detailed Referral


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