Te Ara Taiohi

Te Ara Taiohi is a programme designed to enable taiohi and rangatahi to build confidence and become resilient, independent, leaders within their whānau. This intensive wrap-around programme focuses on equipping young people with tools and strategies to manage everyday situations, and engage in education positively. The values taught in Te Ara Taiohi are woven into whānau contexts and focus on our key focus: whakamana ngā taiohi. By working to restore and strengthen relationships between taiohi and mātua, whānau are reconnected to each other while ensuring well-being becomes sustainable within the whole whānau. We work alongside rangatahi towards positive behavioural change by providing services that build on strengths but also address any underlying issues and/or unhealthy behaviours.

With an outcome-focused individualised plan for each taiohi, we strive to strengthen and rebuild relationships, work collaboratively with the best agencies, while prioritising a connection to cultural and spiritual identity. As a Kaupapa Māori organisation we deliver whānau-driven programmes with whānau-driven pathway plans, ensuring services fully capture identified needs and personalised aspirations.


“He iti te mokoroa, nāna i kati te kahikatea” - The mokoroa may be small but it cuts through the kahikatea. Small things can have a great impact, we are encouraged to think big as it is possible to achieve great things.

Key points

A program for all whānau based on building positive life skills while connecting to kaupapa māori principles.