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Tūrangawaewae is a whānau led te Ao Māori programme that helps build healthy whānau relationships. Drawing upon the definition of Tūrangawaewae being a safe place to stand, we understand that once the foundations are strong, stable and safe, everything builds from there. This programme creates a sense of belonging as it connects people to their Māori identity by grounding them in te Taiao. Tūrangawaewae helps whānau create a korowai around themselves to live with confidence, calmness, self worth, belonging and contentment. The combination of this sense of protection and a stable foundation helps to foster healthy, happy tamariki. This knowledge and kaupapa is rooted in the whakapapa of the tūpuna and whenua of our people. Kaimahi that work within Tūrangawaewae, as well as other areas of Te Hou Ora, see it as their duty to pass on this treasured knowledge to the next generation as their tūpuna did before them.

Within the programme, whānau engage in a range of interactive outdoor activities, with maramataka being used as guidance. Ricky Ngamoki of Te Whānau-ā-Apanui leads with his Mātauranga Māori within our Tūrangawaewae programme. His whānau-based leadership allows other whānau to observe and learn from his knowledge. Alongside Ricky, we teach our tamariki to analyse risk, find their boundaries, and practice sustainability understanding that te Taiao is a resource everyone can enjoy. These learning experiences strengthen our connections to our tūpuna, the whenua and builds confidence and stablity within the whānau environment, which is ultimately the goal of Tūrangawaewae.


“Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa” - Let us keep close together, not wide apart. There is importance in keeping connected and maintaining relationships so we can move forward together.

Key points

Sets foundational learning and belonging through exploration of Māori identity.
Fostering happy and healthy tamariki through interactions with te Taiao.

Detailed Referral

(Please Note: there is a substantial waiting list for this programme)

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